Engineering support

We provide a comprehensive and experienced team of professional industrial engineers to help with any set-up and to support production. 
This includes:
  1. Workflow design;
  2. Modelling the production facility;
  3. Selecting and planning plant and equipment requirements for production including roads, workshop(s), fixed and mobile cranes, jigs and other equipment;
  4. Detailed workshop engineering drawings for customer products. The engineering group works using CAD software importing the files from clients;
  5. Information for logistics and procurement: calculate necessary requirements for supplies, creating bills of materials and technical specifications for local or international suppliers;
  6. Preparing all documentation and obtaining required government permits, licenses and certifications needed for production;
  7. Any required third-party certification of processes and completed products;
  8. Estimating storage and warehousing. Min-max of supplies;
  9. Calculating and providing necessary energy, gas, water and other resources for production. All required connections to the specific locations;
  10. Estimating workforce requirements, including their profile, training and modelling the workstations. Creating job descriptions;
  11. Quality assurance and control (QA/QC) requirements, manuals and standard operating procedures. Internal inspections;
  12. Health, safety and environment (HSE) management: defining rules, risk assessment and handbooks.

See a Flickr gallery of the Discovery’s engineering works.