Dedicated workshops

Contract manufacturing. 

Individual long-term projects with dedicated workshops.

Best pricing with an individual set-up for specified products.

Tailored service for long-term production. We focus on optimal cost with a dedication of facilities to meet all our customers’ requirements. 

Our facility has numerous workshops, which we can individually customise for specific needs

The facility serves projects which require specific individual preparation and which cannot be performed in “job-shops” (facilities, which take multiple different short-term projects from various clients on the same premises).

Our product focus is: heavy industry, industrial equipment, machinery assembly and steel structures. 

The characteristics of dedicated projects may include one or more of the following:

  1. Long-term nature of the project, which can justify the set-up costs;
  2. A requirement for an individual set-up of the workshop. Installation of the production equipment;
  3. Serial manufacturing requiring planning;
  4. Specific quality requirements. QA/QC processes are custom tailored for the project or imported from the client’s quality system;
  5. Special training for personnel, workers, supervisors, etc.

We do the following: 

  1. Prepare the fabrication area with dedicated workshop(s) and other premises;
  2. Provide full services of our industrial engineering team;
  3. Recruit a professional workforce and arrange training of the personnel on-site;
  4. Manage the production as a contract manufacturer;
  5. Provide shared services located either in our facility or very close to the facility: crane and trailer operation, painting, specialised welding, machining, galvanising, etc. 
  6. Ensure a comprehensive logistics support: sourcing and procurement of materials, transportation of supplies, customs clearance, open-air, closed or bonded warehouses (located inside the facility).

The location of the facility is hugely beneficial for European customers owing to its proximity to the EU border and European motorways.

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